Payment Guardian Inc. is the leader in providing GPS/Asset Management solutions to financial institutions and “buy-here-pay-here” dealers worldwide.

The only device with:

  • No activation, monthly or annual fees - Ever !
  • Airtime included for the life of the device !

Industry Experts

Payment Guardian™ offers free consultations for any Payment Assurance Applications. If you're shopping around, then let us do a comparison analysis between our product and all other options.

About Us

Company Profile →

Since 1998, Payment Guardian, Inc. has been the industry leader in providing Payment Assurance Technology to Leasing Company's, Financial Institutions, and "Buy-Here-Pay-Here" car dealerships. The core technology behind our products is engineered around RF microwave and other proprietary technology. Our ongoing research & development team will continue to bring forth many new breakthrough solutions to many markets worldwide.

A Brief History →

Payment Guardian, Inc. has played a major role in the Payment Assurance Industry for over 10 years with consistent advances in both performance and price. Our team made waves in 1998 by gaining the FIRST PATENTED Wireless Payment-Assurance technology incorporating a built-in voice reminder that is both affordable and reliable. Soon after, we introduced our Time-Based Keypad Payment-Assurance system and GPS Location devices providing automobile dealers and financial institutions the most cost effective solution on the market today.

Current Business →

Today we continue to support a myriad of applications where Payment-Assurance Technology was previously cost-prohibitive. Our robust proprietary technology, manufacturing and testing guarantee reliable products, while lower overhead allow for reduced prices. Additionally, Payment Guardian has adopted the motto "Covering your Assets", proving our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Future Plans →

Over the next ten years Payment Guardian, Inc. will respond to the market's need for more powerful features in ever-smaller, less expensive Payment-Assurance Technologies. It is our aim to make Payment-Assurance Technologies practical for any application. We believe the keys to this goal are higher integration, higher intelligence, sophisticated software and global expansion. If you are interested in getting involved with this revolutionary new technology, please contact us for information.

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